Lil’ Ashes

Lil’ Ashes is the name of a singer-songwriter music duo based in Hong Kong, their member Jonathan Wut and Pollie Tong have been officially debut in 2013 under Sony Music.

Lil’ Ashes plays wide range of music style, their creative music awaking tons of imagination from our head. Unlike their name Lil’ Ashes, their factual capability could never be belittled. They armed with music and lead our way to their fantastic music dimensions, in the act of our adventure commander duo.

A fantasy adventure troop theme hereupon introduced in their identity. Numbers of ingredients inserted to their logo, like the initial “L” and “A”, the music note, the parallel stroke represents their harmonize partnership, the shape of ship bow speak for the encouragement to sail forward… All of these parts could re-distribute as single or group graphic elements for specific occasions.

The high contrast colour scheme brings great visibility, contradiction of red and blue not solely trigger visual impact, also their presence balancing off each other to construct harmony scene.

By every parts in-sync we hope the entire picture brings vast impact and stand out from the crowd just as their music, and keep lead us to explore unknown fantasies in the long run.