Power-Nap Over is a Hong Kong based design studio founded in 2013. Founder Vita Mak, Hong Kong born and raised, completed his Bachelor of Graphic Design at RMIT University (Melbourne) in 2009. Vita believes that design can be a tool of social change or at the very least a means to influence people’s thought towards living.

The begining of “Power-nap Over” was meant to describe a typical life of a designer, how the work depleted brainpower, and “Power-nap Over” is exactly what designers need in order to revitalize the mind during the day. We believe working should never overpower our way of life – we generally want to maintain the balance of work and leisure. While we recognize the importance of following our own measure without react over crowd excitement, especially in such a commercial orientated city. “Power-nap Over” is a significant reminder for us, for all designers, that we should take a power-nap, take a break on any occasion with overwhelming workload. As time goes, the idea and meaning behind the studio’s name evolved. It grows into an implication of never get too complacent, never stop pursuing for better result. “Taking a short break is only for begin again. Don’t let the pause lasts too long at all time.”
We specialize in Art Direction, Branding & Identity, Signage, Event Design, Editorial, Packaging and Website design. 2015 is the year we initiated PNO stationery and published our first zine in effort to realize our vision towards design and living mentality. We stay true to the quote from NITYA: “While our body mutate into a water glass, we let proper living pour in bit by bit.”

PNO’s vision is to create timeless products for the end-user, we introduce our distinctive design perspective and influential lifestyle to every individual we work with. We pursue an unconventional practice and aim to achieve design quality while not simply focusing on commercial value. We believe a job should never overpower our way of life – we generally want to maintain the balance of working hours and leisure moment.

PNO cherishes the opportunity to work with ingenious small-scale association and communities, all because our team desires to create innovative, exceptional design for every single entity. We work as a modest team, but we care to deliver consequential design content. Nevertheless, our aspiration is to expand our team in a moderate extent, still, keeping up our passionate and affirmed aesthetic.

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2020 Golden Pin Design Award
Mark Winner - I’m Fine Camera Series