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I’m Fine x KONO!

NINM Lab released I’M Fine, a single use camera, last November. Through an easy-to-use film camera, users can record their emotions in the moment. Two new KONO! hand-made special negative films, SUNSTROKE and MOONSTRUCK, bring uniquely different effects to let users capture different moods.

The SUNSTROKE version produces a red light leak effect, as if exposed under sunlight accidentally. It brings a playful feeling while retaining the characteristics of films creating surprises in every picture taken in the beginning of summer.

On the contrary, the MOONSTRUCK version creates a blue romantic feeling under moonlight. The nostalgic and unique blue-yellow hues blur the moonlight, freeing the imagination. The signature graphics illustrate the imaginary scenes come from Sunstroke and Moonstruck. The powerful light stroke come from the hot sun, and the super moon near the horizon on the water.